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December 22, 2022

Hey all,

Talonz here, dropping in after what, more than 16 years since the last update? If you're a former Whispers in Akarra player or a bit curious about this game, you should check out the following projects and communities working to keep active servers running that people can still play:

Additionally, you can always check out for even more news and information. The venerable Luna keeps it running. If you'd like to get your site, server, or project added to this list, I'm sure you can manage to find me on one of those Discord servers. ;)

Until next time...

July 8th, 2005

It's been almost a year since the last update. Since the server has been down, people have been idling in the IRC channel #akarra. There has been news of a great game in the works though, Dawn of Daria. It is being managed by thewreck, former member of the Akarrian devteam. :) I have already started an encyclopedia for it, as thin as its pages may be. It can be seen here.

In more recent news, the server files (NOT the source code heh) have been released to the public courtesy of khaile - thanks man! Now we can put up our own servers, register new people, etc etc. Origon has the largest one so far I believe, and braiba is working on getting a customized server of his up. If you are interested in playing Akarra again (though you would have to restart everything) please check out the Akarra section of Khaile's dev forums. :)

This site will probably remain unchanged. It is off Luke's server and now I'm getting quality hosting that I pay for, so it should be up 24/7 lag free. At the time of this writing, I'm playing on Origon's server, so ask him to join. Cya in Akarra!


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